How does it work?

With SIMPLI-CITY® you are guaranteed to obtain the best quality/ price ratio depending on your budget.

E-MOBILIA offers to manage all the reservation procedures for temporary residences or hotels, associated with your employee’s relocation or business trips.  So, through a single contact, you benefit from an efficient solution welcoming your employees during their transition stage of arrival or during business trips.

Whether the trip is for a few days or several months, you benefit from prices negotiated with our partners to guarantee competitive rates that challenge existing national and local prices.

With SIMPLI-CITY® it’s simple: E-MOBILIA takes care of everything
  • Selection of the most suitable hotel or residence
  • Booking
  • Information on the accommodation for the employee
  • Monitoring of the order and the accommodation
  • Control of spending
  • Payment of accommodation
  • Control of invoicing
  • Re-invoicing of partner client through a single monthly invoice

Process type Simpli-City®

First contact
  • Request made a minimum of 8 days before employee’s arrival
  • Request validated by E-MOBILIA within 12h
  • Contact with employee depending on context of relocation
  • Search for most suitable accommodation solution with certified partners
  • Selection of accommodation according to criteria given by company and/ or employee
Follow- up
  • Presentation of the solution for validation to the company then  to employee.
  • Reservation with the chosen hotel
  • Confirmation with employee of the reservation by e-mail or telephone
  • Follow-up of the employee on arrival, during stay and on departure
  • Validation at end of stay of the corresponding invoices
  • Global re-invoicing of the reservations to the company

Benefits for you

SIMPLI-CITY® is economical

No need to reference all local or national hotel providers, E-MOBILIA takes care of everything, according to the specifications established with your company.

  • One contact to manage all hotel providers
  • A centralized procedure totally integrated with the relocation of your employees
  • Costs controlled and managed
  • Complete responsibility for hotel contracts and reservation processes for your company
  • E-MOBILIA takes financial responsibility for the hotels and residences of your employees
  • Spending controls in line with your company policy
  • A single re-invoicing by E-MOBILIA to your accounts department
  • Reassignment of your internal Human Resource department to its core tasks