Integrated services

1st contact: Needs analysis
  • Contact within 12h
  • Evaluation of relocation criteria/ Questionnaire
  • Strategy validation/ Support feasibility
Installation: Find rental accommodation
  • Selection and visit planning on site or by remote pre-visit.
  • Support and advice from the local consultant
  • Reservation, negotiation and administrative finalization
Administration: avoid administrative problems
  • Assistance to gather the necessary documents
  • Prepare ACTION LOGEMENT file
  • Carry out entrance inventory and electricity & gas connections
  • Provide targeted information about new location

Tailored services

Complementary services on arrival
  • Search for accommodation to purchase
  • Opening/ Transferring of bank accounts
  • Assistance with children’s schooling (school and crèche)
  • Assistance with joining sports & cultural clubs
  • Assistance furnishing accommodation
Departure services
  • Redirection of postal services
  • Termination of rental contract
  • Termination of gas/electrical contracts
  • Leaving inventory (with pre- inventory if necessary)
  • Closing of bank accounts and insurance contracts

Inclusive services

  • Hotline assistance 6d/7- 8H/20H
  • Monitoring interface
  • Access to:
  • Simpli-city   and   Felxi-dem
  • Assistance with House sales
  • Assistance with departure accommodation rental
  • Asset evaluation and management
  • Legal assistance
  • Search for financial solutions
  • Search for multi-risk house insurance
  • Search for disabled accessible accommodation
  • Reservation of a rental car

International services

  • Administrative compliance/ Obtaining and renewing of visa, residence permit
  • Work permit, social cover…
  • Vehicle import and compliance
  • Driving license change/  car registration documents
  • Airport transfers
  • Import of pets
  • Interpretation services
  • Language & intercultural training
  • Tenancy & Expense Management