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With you for all the stages of your relocation

Whether for recruitment or transfer, we offer global or tailored relocation solutions depending on requests and identified needs: accommodation search, sale or rental of property, national or international administrative procedures and finally management and coordination of the move, hotel reservations, intercultural training or even partners outplacement. For all your relocation procedures, E-MOBILIA is your integration facilitator!

Prepare the relocation

Management of international relocation requires preparation in advance to define: - The timeline to carry out geographical relocation - The important and essential points for the success of the employee’s relocation, and that of his family - Intercultural criteria which could cause difficulties at the arrival site - The optimal immigration procedures to guarantee administrative conformity in the arrival country.

Support the relocation

Throughout the international relocation processes, E-MOBILIA can offer: - Advice and provision of information for families and Human Resource departments - Undertaking and monitoring of immigration procedures - Covering of all needs met in the framework of offered services and notably in the field of relocation, hotel provision, or removals. - Intervention at the site of departure as well as arrival

Complete the relocation

Relocation support does not end with the logistical support of the employees and their families and, if it requires preparation beforehand, Human Resource departments or employees and their families can also make recommendations afterwards. So, all intercultural, integration or language problems can be anticipated and dealt with to limit the possibility of a failure in the transfer, and treat future problems in agreement with the company and the employee.